Hello - welcome to Badger's Bricks!

We are a small family run brick seller, selling new bricks and old interesting parts.

All parts are supplied clean and fresh from a smoke free home. All used parts are bleach free washed, we will never knowingly supply a dirty part. Any parts we grade as 'used acceptable' are donated monthly to our local children's hospital. All our used parts will be in good, or better, condition. Older and or rarer parts might have the occasional nick, but we will never supply a non-functional brick.

We've been fans of LEGO since 1977 which gives us a great inside knowledge on inventories, parts and mould variations.

We differentiate between all moulds and will try and accomodate all requests. Parts not fully differentiated here as mould variations [but which have a functional difference] will have notes attached such as 15672 & 2654.

See our pledge for your service, and don't be afraid to ask anything via Brick Owl message.

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    Posted on 8 Mar 2017 00:31

    Anniversary news!

    Order 1220 just made it in time for our first full years sales. To celebrate our first 365 brick-filled days, there's 20% off everything until 00:30 March 9th. When we hit 2 years I'll do two days... etc. I wanted to do midnight, but got distracted. Thanks for all your orders this year!

  • Latest Additions 24

    Posted on 21 Feb 2017 16:15

    Order 1139 out today. It's been a very busy few weeks. Some more new parts going into stock; anniversary almost here too!

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