• Latest Additions 32

    Posted on 2 Apr 2018 22:36

    16 orders up to order 2475 out on Tuesday [Bank Holiday delays, thanks Royal Mail]! Thanks for a good weekend's sales. Plenty more stock going in this week, but real work will be busy Tues/Weds thanks to Bank Holiday backlog so I'll be nearer three days shipping this week rather than my usual two.

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  • Latest Additions 31

    Posted on 18 Mar 2018 21:15

    Order 2425 is going out tomorrow. There may be a minor delay of 24 hours, according to the Post Office, thanks to Snowpocalypse 2.0: The Blizzarding [probably starring Chris Pratt, everything else does] but it doesn't seem to be too likely. Plenty of new plain minifig parts and accessories and parts in new colours have been added this week.

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  • Latest Additions 30

    Posted on 18 Dec 2017 21:28

    Order 2201 going out tomorrow. I'm going to close for Christmas week. Real life work has been non-stop since the Monday before Black Friday, and Brick Owl's been busy too - so it's time for a week off! Thanks for all your custom this year, I'll re-open on the 2nd January. There's also a bunch of new parts to go into stock while I'm closed, so it's a semi-week off. Have fun, see you soon!

  • Latest Additions 29

    Posted on 25 Sep 2017 01:11

    Order 1955 going out on Monday, thanks for all your support so far! I'm going to set shipping to 2-5 days from 24th September for a couple of weeks, due to family circumstances. I expect this to last no longer than 2 weeks. It's very unlikely any order will be waiting 5 days, but it's best to be circumspect. If you need any bricks quickly during this time please check out all the other great shops here, I do expect to be back at normal operating speed within a fortnight though. Cheers, Chris [Badger].

  • Latest Additions 28

    Posted on 1 Aug 2017 16:11

    Order 1783 out today. Some more basic bricks going in this week. Still no changes to postage prices, and I'm keeping the 15% off on most parts going indefinitely.

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  • Latest Additions 27

    Posted on 27 Apr 2017 18:34

    Order 1447 shipped today. Royal Mail have delayed 3 shipments this year for no apparent reason, and only when there's a bank holiday. If you've ordered close to a bank holiday have patience, I always expect you to get your items the next working day after I ship them, but I can't control the Royal Mail. Sorry if you're parcel's been held up. Still no lost packages, so I suppose it's not all bad.

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  • Latest Additions 26

    Posted on 7 Apr 2017 22:50

    Some minor postage increases this month from Royal Mail, which we're ignoring completely.

    Order 1352 out today, and 10K new bricks added. Lots more to come, and I'm going to try and get some more used stock in if I get time.

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  • Latest Additions 25

    Posted on 8 Mar 2017 00:31

    Anniversary news!

    Order 1220 just made it in time for our first full years sales. To celebrate our first 365 brick-filled days, there's 20% off everything until 00:30 March 9th. When we hit 2 years I'll do two days... etc. I wanted to do midnight, but got distracted. Thanks for all your orders this year!

  • Latest Additions 24

    Posted on 21 Feb 2017 16:15

    Order 1139 out today. It's been a very busy few weeks. Some more new parts going into stock; anniversary almost here too!

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  • Latest Additions 23

    Posted on 7 Feb 2017 17:50

    384 of the very useful new 26604 Adjacent Side Stud bricks in tan added today, as well as 8000 miscellaneous bricks. Order 1025 out today as well.

  • Latest Additions 22

    Posted on 2 Feb 2017 18:38

    Order 1001 out today! Our official anniversary is March 9th, I'll do some celebratory sale shananigans of some sort. To keep the momentum up there's a metric butt-load of new parts going in - some more train parts too, as these have only stayed in stock for three days.

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  • Latest Additions 21

    Posted on 24 Jan 2017 12:18

    Order 953 leaving us today, we should beat 1000 orders in our first year, so thanks for all your support! We're closing in on our anniversary. Plenty more stock going in, I'm adding a bunch of 5000 standard bricks and slopes today.

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  • Latest Additions 20

    Posted on 11 Jan 2017 20:46

    Order 884 out today, about 5000 new parts added. Plenty more to go in later, and we're sorting some used parts as well. These should go in soon.

  • Latest Additions 19

    Posted on 7 Jan 2017 06:07

    The madness of Christmas is OVER! Order 852 is shipping today, making 129 orders for December our best month so far, so THANKS! A lot of new stock is going in this week, about 6kg, or 10,000 parts. It'll soon be time for our one year anniversary on Brick Owl. We started stocking our store in February, and opened it for orders on March 9th. I'll be doing something special for our official first sale anniversary on March 10th 2017.

    Be aware sites that use LEGO's cache for parts lists [here, and Brickset especially] are suffering from errors over at LEGO. Erroneous parts are appearing in inventories. If you're parting out, or buying, keep an eye out.

  • Latest Additions 18

    Posted on 30 Dec 2016 20:10

    Order 824 out today, it's now time for the next Bank Holiday. This means no postage on 1/2 January 2017, and no deliveries by Royal Mail on 1/2 January and 3rd January in Scotland. Everything will still leave us next working day, or sooner, but even First Class might be a day or two longer than usual. To be fair to Royal Mail the usual delays don't seem to have been too bad this year.

  • The Twelve Days Of Christmas

    Posted on 25 Dec 2016 00:00

    Order 809 shipped out today, all Christmas orders shipped should arrive tomorrow [29/12/16] but might be delayed as Royal Mail is horrifically busy.

    On the twelth day of Christmas my true love gave to me - 20% off everything in store.

  • Latest Additions 17

    Posted on 20 Dec 2016 05:20

    Order 784 going out today. From now until further notice [almost certainly 2nd January 2017, 3rd January in Scottish Land] I can't guarantee next working day delivery. See previous blog post for details of Royal Mail's extensive Christmas rest. We will, of course, continue to despatch same day, or next available posting day as usual.

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  • Latest Additions 16

    Posted on 17 Dec 2016 14:06

    Order 769 has just left us, from now on it's highly likely there'll be some delays to receiving shipments from us. We'll despatch next working day, as usual, but Royal Mail are now getting a bit behind. We will ship every day we can, but be aware:-

    No shipping available on 25/26/27th December or 1/2 January 2017

    No deliveries by Royal Mail on 25/26/27 or 1/2 January and 3rd January in Scotland

    Last shipping date for delivery by Christmas Day is 21/12/2016.

    So if we ship your order on 24/12 you will not receive it until 28 or 29/12/2016. Apparently the strike action is not affecting deliveries.

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  • Latest Additions 15

    Posted on 11 Dec 2016 04:48

    Order 744 currently in progress. Some new stock, and the start of some used going in as we speak. Still no Christmas delays, maybe Royal Mail have got their act together this year. I'll post our non-shipping days next week through to the new year, so you can plan ahead. I have a cunning plan for the 12 days of Christmas [from 25/12/2016 to 05/01/2017], with a sale every day. Stay tuned!

    Just as a taster:- On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me 20% off all minifigs.

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  • Latest Additions 14

    Posted on 1 Dec 2016 03:14

    700 orders just hit, thanks for your support! Christmas posting details going up shortly, but we're not going to close up shop over Christmas. I'll be picking orders as they come in and shipping when possible. Plenty more new stock added this week, but there's a tonne of empty lots to fill; some big lot clear-out orders recently have got us under 2200 lots again. Old stock is a bit neglected, I'll try and get some interesting older stuff back in soon. No delays currently on shipping, everything seems to get there next day. Don't forget to mark your order received, we can keep an eye out for delays if you do.

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  • Latest Additions 13

    Posted on 11 Nov 2016 02:16

    Totally missed order 600 going out this week, doh! Christmas is on the way, so it'll soon be time for the latest news from Royal Mail about postal delays, and postage holidays. Stay tuned, although the Post Office have already warned us that any orders from Black Friday on may be delayed by a day or two. We'll always ship First Class but bear in mind the delays. More information later.

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  • Latest Additions 12

    Posted on 16 Oct 2016 04:50

    Order 500 passed at some point on Friday or Saturday, it's been a busy week clearing the stock we added last week. Lots of lots have been cleared out, we'll refill some of the most empty next week. We've had 20 orders so far this weekend, our busiest ever. All of them should be shipped next working day though, thanks to the automation here at Brickowl, and an army of Elves picking through the night.
    PS:- If your order is placed early on a Friday we can usually get it shipped on a Saturday if it's done by 11am.
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  • Latest Additions 11

    Posted on 2 Oct 2016 17:35

    Order 450 left us the other day, it's been a busy week entering a batch of stock for your projects. There's a chance we might have had our first ever lost order last week. If you order from us in the UK, and we mark your parcel shipped it should always arrive next working day [unless you've chosen a non-First Class shipping option]. If it doesn't let us know!

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  • Latest Additions 10

    Posted on 17 Sep 2016 22:38

    I just missed announcing order 400 is now past, thanks to pre-sorting a nice batch of stock. This means 75% of our orders have no feedback. That's fine - I always leave feedback but don't care if we get none, happy customers is all that matters. Keep this in mind when you might discount a new store with only a couple of feedback - chances are they've done a good amount more orders than you might expect.

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  • Latest Additions 9

    Posted on 8 May 2016 17:03

    Well, the newly added Technic stock isn't sticking around long - I'm putting more in as fast as I can. I'll also try and fill some of the weird stock gaps. I've almost no used 1x1 plates listed. Who knows why!
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  • Latest Additions 8

    Posted on 26 Apr 2016 05:21

    Order 100 is now past, onward to the next milestone! A nice big selection of used Technic, in great condition, is making it's way into stock but be quick; 4 brand new lots have already been wiped out. Some new basic bricks are on the way as well, to refill some of the empty lots from the past month.

    We've averaged 3 orders a day since we opened, and haven't yet had an order not go out next available shipping day [many ship same day] so thanks for your support. You keep buying, and I'll keep shipping!

    Listening to: Metallica - Ride The Lightning [Remaster] and Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss - It's an old school week!

  • Latest Additions 7

    Posted on 11 Apr 2016 03:33

    Order 78 shipping tomorrow, closing in on the century. Order 1 received a free CMF, I'll do the same for order 100.

    Some more sets parting out this weekend, including a bunch of Speed Champions with the nice new wheelarches, some Friends and a couple of older Star Wars battle packs. Some very big orders recently, which have cleared out a few hundred lots completely [451!], rest assured I'm trying to catch up, adding parts. If there's anything I have Out Of Stock, just message me, or search by DesignID [part number] or ElementID [the long number from the back of your instructions] in store, and I'll see the searches and add the parts where possible.

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  • Latest Additions 6

    Posted on 28 Mar 2016 22:25

    Order 40 shipping tomorrow, thanks for all the custom! Adding slopes/compound slopes tomorrow - they don't stay in stock very long. Hope you all had a good Easter, and have eaten too much chocolate.

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  • Latest Additions 5

    Posted on 23 Mar 2016 17:20

    Added a bunch of Bionicle parts from 2003-2005 and some more modified plates and some old gray Technic as well.

    NB: - Easter Bank Holiday weekend means any orders on Saturday or Sunday will ship on tuesday am, instead of my usual next day. Thanks Obama!

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  • Latest Additions 4

    Posted on 21 Mar 2016 19:32

    Order 25 shipped yesterday, thanks for all your business so far. We opened up on March 9th, so thanks again for the nice start! I hope you're all building awesome stuff.

    Some sets parted out today, added some new parts and a few nice City minifigs. Plenty more inventory to add, probably some old gray technic tomorrow - and some wedges and multi-slopes, I just noticed I've not done many. If there's anything you're looking for that I haven't added yet just search for it in store [I'll see the search and add as soon as I can], or message me.

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  • Latest Additions 3

    Posted on 15 Mar 2016 05:24

    Order 10 dispatched! What a busy week. Lots of new parts coming today, some pat pend/side pip bricks to sort and some baseplates and large plates incoming. More LEGO, yay!

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  • Latest Additions 2

    Posted on 12 Mar 2016 10:25

    Three excellent condition Classic space torsos now in stock.

  • Latest Additions

    Posted on 9 Mar 2016 12:33

    Currently we're adding a bunch of used modified and technic bricks.

    Tomorrow is light gray and dark gray day.

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