Badger's Bricks Service Pledge

We endeavour to ship orders as soon as possible, and same working day if we can. Weekend shipping restrictions mean that orders placed on a Friday will usually be shipped if completed by 11am on Saturday, but might leave us on Monday if they aren't picked, checked, photographed and packed by 11am on Saturday.

All our orders are packed in new shipping materials; either a jiffy bag, or a Royal Mail compliant letter box. Small parcel orders are shipped in re-used boxes, usually LEGO set boxes, or more sturdy boxes for more delicate or weirdly shaped items.

We will never add hidden charges to our shipping. We charge our cost of shipping plus the cost of the new shipping media. We don't make money on shipping. We sell LEGO, not shipping materials.

All our orders will be picked, checked and photographed before packing. This makes it easy for us to verify any errors once you receive your parts. If you think there's an error, or just want to see the photo let us know.

Orders over £50 are currently set as 'shipping quote only'. This is so we can decide how to protect ourselves and you from missing high value items. It is expected that shipping will be increased by about £1 for tracking/signature although this varies by weight.

We will make mistakes. We're human [according to extensive medical testing]. If we do we'll refund missing bricks immediately, and let you know with a Brickowl message. You should also receive a Paypal email informing you of a refund. In the case of an egregious cock-up, such as a completely missing lot we'll also give you a free shipping coupon.

Occasionaly new bricks have a very hard life in their set boxes before they're parted out. If a part we have listed as new looks a bit scratched we'll charge you the average price [discarding weirdly high priced sellers] for a used brick instead.

We always leave feedback.

Thanks for your custom, build something awesome!

Chris [Badger] and Lauren [Mrs Badger]

Last Updated: 7 Feb 2017